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We are all about helping you make Positive changes in your Business Career or Private Life. We create products that reinforce what matters most.

Our Goal, quite simply, is to help you reach your Goal.

The Inspirational-Motivational-Gift-Books are truly Life Changing!

We have put together over 200 Motivational and Inspirational products that will help you stay positive.

They are great gifts for Customers, Employees, Friends and Family, from your teenager on up to your most senior relatives.

Our Products are truly life changing. However, don’t take our word for it, check out what our customers say about each product in our Web Store

We would be absolutely honored, proud and grateful to call you our customer.

And we know The Simple truths of Service

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Also, if for any reason that you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, we will refund your money…no questions asked!

Below you will find the top 7 ways our customers use our products:

7 Great Ways to Use Our Gift Books

Business Applications:

1. Reinforce Your Meeting Theme with a Motivational ‘Take-Away’

2. Thank Your Best Customer

3. Reinforce Your Corporate Culture

4. Employee Birthday

5. Motivate Your Sales Team

6. Send to Your Best Prospects

7. Invest in Your Team’s Personal Development

Personal Applications:

1. Personal Inspiration

2. Birthday Gift for Friends, Family or Co-Workers

3. A Thank You Gift

4. Provide Encouragement for Friend or Family Member.

5. A Mothers Day or Fathers Day Gift

6. A Graduation Gift

7. A Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving

A lot of people have gone farther than they thought they could because someone else thought they could!!!...Zig Ziglar

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Investigate our Inspirational-Motivational-Gift-Books by clicking on the Titles below!

212 The Extra Degree

Change the culture of your workplace!

The ideas in this book will touch everyone's life that reads it. here for more information it will truly make a difference in your life.


The Dash....Making a Difference with Your Life!!

"No gift I have ever given got such a wonderful response. My customers are still talking about, The Dash."....Laurie Calzada, President, Sharp Approach

After you have watched the movie, Order the Book Here!


"Finish Strong"... "More than just a's an Attitude!"

Inspire Your Team To New Heights!

"Every member of our team received Dan Green's book, "Finish Strong" at the beginning of the 2009 off-season!

We recognized that if we could indeed "Finish Strong" in everything we did, we could achieve the lofty goals we had set for ourselves!.......

Drew Bress, Quarterback, New Orleans Saints, 2009 World Champions!!


Inspirational-Gift-Books Over 200 Motivational and Inspirational Products
Inspirational-Gift-Books, creating products to reinforce what matters most to you. Our Goal, quite simply, is to help you reach yours.
Gift-Books Are Something They Will Refer To All Year Long
Gift-Books Are Great For Thanking Friends And Family, Thank Members Of Your Team, Thank Your Best Customers
Motivational-Inspirational-Gifts For Friends, Family, Employees and Customers
Motivational-Inspirational-gifts: The Holiday Season is a Great Time to Say THANK YOU to Those Who Matter Most
The Lombardi-Coaching-Philosophy, What it Takes to be Number One
Vince Lombardi-Coaching-Philosophy and His Famous Speech
Use Special-Occasion-Gifts To Thank That Special Person
We Have Special-Occasion-Gifts Made Especially To Honor Educators, Caregivers (Nurses) and Graduates
This Educational-Book is Your Own Personal Life Coach!
This Educational-Book is Filled With Real Life Stories, Motivational Quotes and Wonderful Photography and Design – a Beautiful Book to Rekindle Your Dreams.
Daily Description of Our Vacation
Our Punta Cana all-inclusive vacation broken down day by day.
Pulling-Together is the Essence of Teamwork
Pulling-Together, Teamwork and Teamwork and Team Building are words used throughout all types and all levels of organizations
Christmas-Blessings, 30 Reasons To Celebrate The Season
Christmas-Blessings, Chrismas is Filled with Blessings if We Pause to Look at the Way God is at Work in Our Lives and the World
Coffee-Table-Books That Make Awesome Holiday Gifts For Family, Co-Workers, etc.
Our Coffee-Table-Books are Unique, Affordable, Appreciated and We Offer a 100% Guarantee!
Holiday-Gifts Are Best When They Are Referred To All Year
Holiday-Gifts That Are Unique, Affordable and Appreciated And We Offer A 100% Guarantee
Womens-Inspirational-Books Four Wonderful Gift Books Plus 2 DVD's
Womens-Inspirational-Books Sampler Set are Written by Women for Women Includes 2 DVD's
Unique-Christmas-Gifts are Great for Family, Friends, Co-Workers, and Customers
Unique-Christmas-Gifts What A Great Way To Say Thank You To A Customer, Friend, Family Member, Or A Co-Worker
May-You-Be-Blessed is filled with Life Changing Insights!
May-You-Be-Blessed. This Gift Book is not about Religious Beliefs. It’s about Joy, Gratitude, Appreciation, Kindness and Love.
Inspirational-Message! ‘The Dash’ Is Mesmerizing And Life Changing!
This Inspirational-Message, ‘The Dash,’ Will Change The Way You Think About Life. Once You Read It You Will Never Forget It!
Extra-Effort, At 211 Degrees Water Is Hot, At 212 Degrees It Boils, That One Ext
That Extra-Effort Makes All The Difference. Example: Water Is Hot At 211 degrees, At 212 Degrees It Boils. And With Boiling Water Comes Steam. And With Steam You Can Power A Locomotive!
Parenting-Book To a Child LOVE is Spelled T-i-m-e. What a child Really Needs.
Every Couple Should Walk Out of the Hospital with Their Baby and a Copy of Parenting-Book. It Provides the Foundation on Which Every Parent Can Build.
Teacher-Appreciation, A-Wonderful-Way-To-Thank-A-Teacher, A-Treasury-of-Inspirat
Teacher-Appreciation! If You’re A Teacher, or, Your Life Was Greatly Influenced By A Teacher, You’re Going To Love the “Heart of a Teacher” Gift Book!
Change One-Choice....Change Your Life
You're Always One-Choice Away From Changing Your Life
Gift-Book-Sale, "The Dash" A Classic ... The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Gift-Book-Sale, We Proudly Present This Classic Poem In A Beautifully designed Gift Book. Gift The Gift Of Inspiration To Friends, Family, Customers Or Employees
Personal-Development-Books Will Make You Significant in whaever you do
Most of Us, That Use Personal-Development-Books. Reach Our Goals Much Faster Than Those Who Wait For Someone to Teach Them How to be Successful. Make Yourself Significant.
Powerful-Business-Books Will Make You A Great Business Partner
These Powerful-Business-Books Will have your customers raving about your Service, your Effort and your Leadership.
Faith-Based-Books and Frames are on Sale Today
Faith-Based-Books That Will Inspire And Motivate You To Be All That You Can Be!
Leadership-Books Scott Beare A Pilot with The World Renowned Navy Blue Angels
Our Leadership-Books Will Teach You The Power Of Teamwork, How To Earn The Right To Lead, How To Be A Great Leader
Books-On-Relationships, Would You Rather Be Right Or Be Happy And Effective?
Books-On-Relationships, "If You Want To Change Someone, Change Yourself First."ooks-On-Relationships
Best-Of-Success, Discovers Quotes, Inspirational Stories, Award-Winning Photos
The Best-Of-Success Author’s Bob Kelly And Mac Anderson Partnered To Research The 25 Common Traits Of Successful People.
Finding-Joy...Simple Secrets To A Happy Life
Life Can Be Complicated, But Finding-Joy And Happiness...Is Simple
Power-of-Attitude-Beautiful Photographs-Inspirational Quotes, Success
Power-of-Attitude Will Guide You To Manage Your Energy Levels, Take New Paths, Reduce Stress, Attack Your Fears, Savor Small Successes, Burn Brightly Without Burning Out
Dash-Book, What Are You Doing With Your Dash The Time You Have On Earth?
For The Last Five Years, The Dash-Book, Has Been One Of Our Best-Selling Books; Touching A Chord With Thousands Around The World.
Power-of-Discipline Self-Discipline Self-Motivation SUCCESS Are JoinedAtTheHip
Reading "The Power-Of-Discipline Will Have You Practicing Self-Discipline Leaving You Feeling Like You Are In Control Of Your Life
The-Power-Of-Teamwork Inspired Bt The Blue Angels
The Power-Of-Teamwork Is The Ultimate Book On Teamwork It's Inspired By The Ultimate Team
The Power-Of-Kindness Has Taught Us Never To Accept Pay For A Kindness
Reading The Power-Of-Kindness Will Have You Being Kinder To Your Fellow Man/Woman And In Turn Your Fellow Woman/Man Will Be Kinder To You
Passion-Performance-Purpose, Create A Life You Can't Wait To Live
With Passion-Performance-Purpose, You Will Suceed In Creating A Life You Can't Wait To Live
A-Better-Tomorrow – Fighting for Capitalism And Jobs In The Heartland
A-Better-Tomorrow, America’s Economy Stands At A Crossroads
Great-Quotes From Great Leaders
With Great-Quotes, I've Had Many "a-ha" Moments, Where I've Read It And Thought, "Wow, That's Exactly How I Feel!" An Idea That Was Once A "blur" Can Suddenly Become Crystal Clear
This Inspirational-Book WILL Have You Reflecting On What Life is All About
This Inspirational-Book Captures The "REAL" Important Things In Life
Leadership-Books-Too Will Introduce You To A Pilot With The Navy Blue Angels
Our Leadership-Books-Too Will Teach You The Power Of Teamwork, How To Earn The Right To Lead, How To Be A Great Leader
Walk-the-Talk is loaded with nuggets of wisdom for any person
Walk-the-Talk will help you develop Leadership, so you can promote integrity in your Business or Organization
Friends, Celebrate The Good, Help You Cope With The Bad In Your Life
In Friends, The Author Shares Her Thoughts On The Family We Pick For Ourselves
Finish-Strong-Book: In The Middle Of Every Difficulty Lies Opportunity
Finish-Strong-Book: The Difference In Our Success Or Failure Is Not Chance, But Choice
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