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We want to be your destination for Inspiration by providing Uplifting and Life-Changing Inspirational Books to be used throughout every facet of your life. Our belief is that less is more! Our books may be small in size, but their words really deliver!

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We've been in business for over 30 years, and we've come to realize the difference in Success, or failure, it's not how you look, not how you dress and not even how you're educated.

It's How You Think.

We can't overstate the importance of being able to maintain a Positive Attitude but we're the first one to's not easy.

That's why we love the book, Attitude is Everything...10 Rules for Staying Positive.

It breaks down the #1 key to Success in a simple, but unforgettable way.

The bottom line is that no matter what you do in life, the wisdom in this little book will help you succeed!

Today, we're thrilled to share an excerpt from a chapter titled: "Wait to Worry," which is great advice for everyone we know!

Enjoy. Attitude is Everything

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Jeff Funderburk: What Inspiration you deliver to my mail box! I share these with my daughters and ask that they share with my grandsons. Inspiration is the GIFT that keeps on giving.

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Attitude-is-Everything Excerpt From Book

Mary Kavanagh Hayes: really love this, it makes my heart sing thank you so much your Gift Books lift my spirit

"Wait to Worry" An Excerpt from Attitude-is-Everything


I used to worry. A lot. The more I fretted, the more proficient I became at it.

Anxiety begets anxiety.

I even worried that I worried too much! Ulcers might develop. My health could fail. My finances could deplete to pay the hospital bills.

A comedian once said, "I tried to drown my worries with gin, but my worries are equipped with flotation devices."

While not a drinker, I certainly could identify! My worries could swim, jump and pole vault!

To get some perspective, I visited a well known, Dallas businessman, Fred Smith.

Fred mentored such luminaries as motivational whiz Zig Ziglar, business guru Ken Blanchard and leadership expert John Maxwell.

Fred listened as I poured out my concerns and then said, "Vicki, you need to learn to wait to worry."

As the words sank in, I asked Fred if he ever spent time fretting.

(I was quite certain he wouldn't admit it if he did. He was pretty full of testosterone-even at age 90.)

To my surprise, he confessed that in years gone by he had been a top-notch worrier!

"I decided that I would wait to worry!" he explained.

"I decided that I'd wait until I actually had a reason to worry-something that was happening, not just something that might happen-before I worried."

"When I'm tempted to get alarmed," he confided, "I tell myself, 'Fred, you've got to wait to worry! Until you know differently, don't worry.' And I don't.

Waiting to worry helps me develop the habit of not worrying and that helps me not be tempted to worry."

Fred possessed a quick mind and a gift for gab. As such, he became a captivating public speaker.

"I frequently ask audiences what they were worried about this time last year.

I get a lot of laughs," he said, "because most people can't remember.

Then I ask if they have a current worry - you see nods from everybody.

Then I remind them that the average worrier is 92% inefficient - only 8% of what we worry about ever comes true."

Charles Spurgeon said it best. "Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow, but only empties today of its strength."

Most of us want to be positive. It's advantageous to possess a sunny outlook. Doors open to optimists.

They make friends, earn respect, close sales, produce loyal clients, and others enjoy and want to be like them.

The question is how can we do that consistently?


That's what Attitude-is-Everything is all about!

It's filled with great stories, Great Quotes and many "a-ha" moments that will turn the switch from "off" to "on."

Not only will you love it, anyone you give it to will love it too!

It's a perfect gift for any occasion for friends, family and employees.

To learn more about how to stay positive, just Click Here to view the book! It also makes a wonderful gift for any occasion.

All the Best,

Ron & Kay Beard

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Trish Rock: Jervis Bay, Australian Capital: Such a briliant message- sent in a way we can easily understand and take action on.

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Personal Applications

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1. Personal Inspiration

2. Birthday Gift For Friends, Family Or Co-Workers

3. A Thank You Gift

4. Provide Encouragement for Friends or Family Members

5. A Mothers Day or Fathers Day Gift

6. A Graduation Gift

7. A Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving


Business Applications

1. Reinforce Your Meeting Theme with a Motivational ‘Take-Away’

2. Thank Your Best Customer

3. Reinforce Your Corporate Culture

4. Employee Birthday

5. Motivate Your Sales Team

6. Send to Your Best Prospects

7. Invest in Your Team’s Personal Development

Customer Reviews

Attitude-is-Everything.....A Great Gift Book


Larnzo Brown • UC Berkeley

I Share This With Every E-Mail I Send Out. Thanks


Benjamin Ephraim Nana-bray • Central University College, Ghana

Can we say more than uplifting.I am grateful


Rosemarie Bonnick-Gordon

I know my attitude is contagious so make sure u catch it!


Connie Wenzel • Eastern Wyoming College

Attitude-is-Everything is great it helps me stay positive.Try it for yourself. You may love it like I do.


Mewang Gyeltshen • Delft University of Technology, Netherlands

It is very inspiring and very convincing to change ourselves to change others for the common good.


Anil Sahu • Regional Manager Marketing&Communication at Kalinga digital media pvt

Very interesting and it helps everyone to believe in themselves that they can do.


Neera Kar

It is good to see that guys too take time to make themselves to be a better person they can be. Keep it up.


Irma Osano

It's an inspiring and motivating book!

_________________________________________________________________ Paul Mulford • Greece Olympia High School

I forget how attitudes can change my life.


Patty Sullivan • Western Governors University

This is such a great "pick me upper".


Val Idmon

It feels so good to read these wise thoughts (about the right attitude, happiness, etc.) - they remind me of what my grandfather used to teach me when I was a child. And, indeed, I live according to his and your Simple truths ! Thank you !


Bonnie Scott Edwards

This is great stuff! Not sentimental mush but points we can use daily to feel better about life and ourselves.


Sam Vicente Matias • National University- Manila

Thanks for this very timely book. It's really very inspiring. I really like rule #7. It reminds me what my father told me about good association.



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