Extra-Effort 212* The Extra Degree

Giving the Extra-Effort will always pay huge dividends

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Ask for that Extra-Effort from you team

Increase the production in your workplace

Principle Beverly Woodson needed some Extra-Effort when she was introduced to 212* The extra Degree.

She thought the Teachers and Students needed a Motivational-Book.

“I am a principle of an elementary school.

We used this book as our theme one year when we were facing numerous challenges, and it was one of the most powerful things we have ever done.

The ideas in this Book touched every person’s life and truly made a difference.

We gave 212 awards at our staff meetings for people who had given the Extra Effort to help or serve us.

It remains one of my favorites.” Follow Me on Pinterest

To get what we've never had, we must do what we've never done

To get what we've never had, we must do what we've never done

Extra-Effort: This Motivational-Book sparks a lot of conversation.

212From Christina Grover of Orlando, Florida.

212 That Extra Degree is a wonderful tool to use if you want to inspire yourself or others to put in that little bit of Extra-Effort.

I work in the Training Department at my organization and my co-workers loved it so much they created a class for our staff based on this book utilizing the key concepts.

It has been well-received by hundreds of our staff members and now the class has quite a reputation. Great book and DVD!!

212 Extra Degree

From Laura J. Hamblin of Dallas, Texas.

Thank you! Thank you for putting together such a simple, but powerful, message in 212° The Extra Degree.

Every store in our division has the DVD and we have designed our service program around the 212° message.

Associates of all ages and backgrounds are embracing it and we're starting to see the positive difference in our Service levels.

Like a locomotive, I can't wait to see where it will take us!

Diana Peck Tagliarini • Independent Distributor at MonaVie.

This short motivational clip is in itself about "Attitude".

In life and in business, it's your "character" that fuels and builds your attitude!

Great way to start the day in my business of MonaVie!

Do something every day with grace, gratitude and with wisdom.And always with Extra-Effort.Cameron Bliss

Sandra Renee' Horne Metlakatla High School

Perfect timing. I needed that! I am struggling to get access to the internet..Where there is a will, there is a way.

Carolyn Ortman • Works at CKO Marketing & Training Group.

"To get what we've never had, we must do what we've never done!" So true!

Do something different every day to make things happen. Make sure you use Extra-Effort. James Arthur Tenney • Henrico, Virginia.

It's never too late. Don't let your dreams fade away. Keep chasing them. Reach for that Extra-Effort!

It is indeed well inspiring video I have sensed. I congratulate to the creator for using Extra-Effort. And I am sure let it be changeful to needy ones, in fact all.

Abel Gonzales

You may fail in life which is bound to happen when you want to achieve your Goals.

But with the proper motivation and mentor to keep you focused on your goals, you will not find any reason to quit because if you give up before you have even tried then you have already failed.

There could be nothing more rewarding than that when you can inspire someone else to want to win too. Haji Jani

To believe in yourself that you can do it is a sure manifestation that you can make the difference in your life.

And with passion thrown into it as well the difference could be well beyond your own expectation... so just do it! Dr. Shabir Abdulhusein Karim

My Extra Degree gets Activated each Time I start "In The Name Of God , Most Gracious , Most Merciful".

Diana Peck Tagliarini • Independent Distributor at MonaVie. Amen! Cindy Mott

It's Your Life. You are responsible for your results." Goes along with my "personal accountability." Cindy Mott

Thank you Stephanie Johnson Maurer for bringing this to my attention. Kerry Linda Martin-Moore • Partner at 3:17 Consulting Services 1 extra degree of effort = a few more shots during practice; asking your manager for feedback; making that "last call of the day"; believing in yourself with words of affirmation every day! Betty Christy • Atlanta, Georgia

Faith for a positive outcome can be the extra degree. It helped me make it through a really difficult time this fall and winter. Bob Miller • Owner/Creator at Strokes

This video is in our library of over 125 inspirational videos in Strokes Suck's Discussion forum. That one extra degree makes all the difference.

Jane Stout Strickland

Self Employed and Loving It! at Jane Strickland

Arbonne Independent Consultant

This is great for every aspect of your life.

Mhey Pardo Manila Science High School

"I believe and its real".

Angie Heiman • Regional Director at ViSalus Body By Vi™

Challenge Good Motivation for a rainy Friday morning!

Great Motivation for every day! go the extra mile, or "degree" today to make a world of difference in whatever it is you do!

Norma Jean Fuelberth • Dallas, Texas

I love this!

Rita Ramlagan • Queens College, City University of New York A Positive Attitude and a little more effort WILL produce AMAZING results!

Duane Mobley Self employed at Lion share USA The Extra Degree, or second, or inch, or the extra word, or deed... is to never be blinded by "enough". The 'good' is the enemy of the 'best'. Jean Guiang Winnipeg, Manitoba Inspiring as well as encouraging. Jace Yasser Owner-Operator at Jace Yasser Inspections To get what we never had, we must do what we've never done! Makes perfect sense!

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Simple Truths Philosophy

There is one thing in life that took us a long time to learn, and that's... less is almost always more.

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212 The Extra Degree

Go the extra degree.

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May You Be Blessed

May you be blessed

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A Gift That Will Be Used Forever

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This book is a great reminder that we own our attitude....we create it....and we can change it.

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Look beyond average

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