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Charging the Human Battery

Charging the Human Battery is a Book with Universal Appeal.

50 Ways To Motivate Yourself


Charging the Human Battery is a book with universal appeal.

Everyone understands the benefits of staying Motivated and we're all hungry for new ideas that could help us.

It makes a perfect gift for friends, family and valued employees.

Customer Review:

Charging the Human Battery

From Eddie Curley of Naperville, Illinois on 11/10/2011.

There is more Wisdom and Inspiration in this book than any I’ve read in a long time.

It can change the way you think about life.

The Power of Discipline

This is truly a book that is loaded with wisdom and life-changing insights!

The # 1 Key To Success

7 Ways It Can Change Your Life

This is truly a book that is loaded with wisdom and life-changing insights!

It also makes a great gift for employees, friends and family!

Present your employees with a gift that will help you as well as them.

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From Laverne of Austin, Texas on 4/9/2012.

This book is packed full of great advice. It would make a great graduation gift! It is helpful on so many levels. I highly recommend it!

From Anonymous of Brady, Texas on 3/24/2012.

I ordered 1 for my kids and grand son--best book on this subject I have ever read. I knew and practiced most of the principals but some I haven't and that is one of the reasons all my Goals have note been accomplished yet. I will work these principals more diligently now.

Secrets of the World Class

Turning Mediocrity Into Greatness

Turning Mediocrity Into Greatness


Secrets of the World's a small sampling from 27 highly Motivational chapters:

Champions are driven by emotional Motivators!

The great ones chose discipline over pleasure!

The great ones take responsibility!

Middle Class vs. World Class!

The great ones believe they cannot fail....they can only learn and grow!

A Must Read! From David Cantu of Laredo, Texas on 3/29/2012.

This book really takes you into the deep inner thoughts of the minds of the most highly Successful people.

It exemplifies how the real champions think! If you want to find out how the champions think, then this book is a must read!

A must read From Greg of Naples, Florida on 2/14/2012.

Great book. I wish I could have read it 41 years ago.


10 Rules For Achieving Success

10 Rules For Achieving Success


Gary Ryan is considered one of the nation's experts on the topic of Goals.

He teaches that your life will not go according to plan if you don't have a plan!

If you were to ask experts to select the #1 key to success, most would say clearly 'Defined Goals'!

The Nature Of Success

The ideal attitude is to be physically loose and mentally tight

A Great Way To Thank A Friend, An Employee, Or A Customer For Playing A Part In Your Success!


This book can help you set clearly Defined Goals, manage your

Attitude, Embrace Change, live with Gratitude and make a difference whenever and wherever you can!

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Heart of a Caregiver

Touching Lives with Compassion and Care

Touching Lives with Compassion and Care


Is there a special Caregiver you need to recognize?

In her newest book, Paula J. Fox pays tribute to all the unsung

heroes, the CNA"s, nurses,hospital personnel and hundreds of

thousands of spouses and adult children----who provide loving

care for others every single day!

It's the perfect gift for those special people that make the

choice to commit their lives to healing and comforting others!

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The Heart Of A Teacher

A treasury of Inspiration

This Beautiful Book is a great Gift

Teachers Inspire the Smallest Hearts to Grow Big Enough to Change the World

"If you're a teacher, or your life was greatly influenced by a're going to love this book!

The Inspirational stories about teachers who made a difference, the photographs, the quotes and Paula's beautiful original poems make this a gift that any teacher will treasure forever."

...Mac Anderson

Customer Review:

The Heart of A Teacher From Josie G.V. of miami, Florida on 4/10/2012.

Absolutely LOVE this book, as a teacher it Inspires me and keeps me going when things are not going so well.

It is also a very heart warming gift for a special teacher or even our first teacher, our Moms!

The Dash

A Classic....The Gift That Keeps On Giving

A Classic....The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Highly Recommended!!!!


I first received this book as a gift.

It is a beautiful product with an Inspirational message.

I have purchased numerous copies and given them as gifts to others.


Gerri Leach

No gift I have ever given got such a wonderful response.

My customers are still talking about The Dash!!

Laurie Calzada, President, Sharp Approach

212 That Extra Degree

Change the Culture of Your Work-Place

Change The Culture Of Your Workplace


At 211 degrees water is hot!

At 212 degrees it boils!

And with boiling water comes steam!

And with steam, you can power a locomotive!

Customer Review:

Highly Recommend4ed From Anonymous of Beaver, Pennsylvania on 3/3/2012.

I love the 212 Degree Book and Video ... very Inspiring and serves as an excellent reminder everyday to persevere with an extra degree of effort!!

Excellent quotes!! ... and they are different from quotes I have found in other books.

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That one extra degree makes all the difference!

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Leading with Passion

Simple Truths of Leadership

Simple Truths of Leadership


This book was outstanding and one that I could truly live by as my role in business!

A must read for Leaders of all levels!

--Jeff Stueber

Leadership is solving problems!

The day your team stops bringing you their problems is the day you have stopped Leading them!

They have either lost confidence that you can help or concluded you do not care!

Either case is a failure of Leadership!

--Colin Powell

212 Degrees Service

The 10 rules for creating a service culture

10 Rules for creating a service culture


This book is awesome!

I started reading when I received it in the mail and didn't put it down until I finished the last page!

I believe the message presented in this book is right on target and offers excellent advice in moving your team and business in the right direction for success!

Putting your employees first makes for a winning combination!

Once your employees know how much you care for them, they will go the extra degree!---Ernest Micks

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Leadership Quotes

Inspiring you to inspire others

Inspiring You to Inspire Others


A sampling of Leadership Quotes:

•"Leadership is action, not position." -Donald H. McGannon

•"The growth and development of people is the highest calling of Leadership." -Harvey S. Firestone

•"People ask the difference in a Leader and a Boss. The Leader leads and the boss drives." -Theodore Roosevelt

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The Wisdom of Wolves Movie

Leadership Lessons from Nature

Lessons in Leadership from Nature


"This is an excellent book for those learning Leadership skills and working with a team!

I find it very intriguing and interesting how it relates to working with our fellow man and being able to relate as a pack too!

Should help pull a team together!"---Rose Souva

"What a unique perspective on leadership and life!

Every chapter is a 'WOW'!"---John Peterson, President, Koechel Peterson

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The Right To Lead

Learning Leadship Through Courage and Character

Learning Leadership Through Character And Courage


What gives a man or woman the right to lead? Can it be appointed? No, the right to lead must be earned.

Filled with stories about real people who have earned the right to lead.

A must-read for anyone in a Leadership role looking to sharpen their leadership skills

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What It Takes To Be Number One

Motivation From Vince Lombardi

Original AUDIO From His Famous Speech --- CD Included


"A double shot of motivation!

The book is fantastic, and the CD with Lombardi's famous speech gave me goosebumps!" ---Dave Kane, President, Associates Design & Marketing

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That Extra Effort (DEGREE) Makes All the Difference

Show that Special Teacher your Appreciation

Something Very Special For You To Think About.

10 Rules For High Performance Teamwork

Start a Home Library That Will be Used Forever!

Give Your Athlete the Edge to Stay Ahead of the Pack

Our Gift Books are, "Life Changing."

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Learning to Dance In The Rain Movie

Don't wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain

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212 The Extra Degree

Go the extra degree.

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May You Be Blessed

May you be blessed

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A Gift That Will Be Used Forever

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This book is a great reminder that we own our attitude....we create it....and we can change it.

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Look beyond average

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