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The Richest-Man-in-Town Book

Mac Anderson's introduction to "The Richest-Man-in-Town" Book

The "Richest-Man-in-Town" a Truly Inspirational-Book

I picked up the phone and the gentleman on the other end of the phone said, "My name is Pat Shaughnessy and I love your products, but that's not why I'm calling.

I'm calling because I just finished a book by VJ Smith titled: "The Richest Man in Town."

He then said, "Mac, you've got to read this book. I guarantee you that you're not going to like it...you're going to love it."

Now, I'd be lying if I told you that this was the first time a customer had called with what they thought was a great book.

And truthfully, they aren't always so great! But there was something about this conversation that told me...this could be different.

Pat's enthusiasm was unwavering and when we hung up, I couldn't get it out of my head.

A few days later I purchased a copy of the book. I shut my office door and read it, non-stop.

When I finished I just sat there with tears running down my cheeks. Pat "nailed it"...I didn't like it, I loved it!

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Order this Inspirational-Book Today"The-Richest-Man-in-Town"

The Richest-Man-in-Town Book Cover

Looking for an Inspirational-Book? Order The-Richest-Man-in-Town

I then picked up the phone to call the author, VJ Smith.

If nothing else, I just wanted to thank him for writing a book that made a positive difference in the world.

And the rest, as they say....is history! He was a fan of Simple Truths and said that he loved our products.

VJ, who had self-published the book then said, "You're not going to believe this, Mac, but just recently, I told my wife that someday I'd like to partner with a company like Simple Truths who could take my book to the rest of the world."

I believe that some things are meant to be. The Richest Man in Town is a wonderful book.

It's a true story that will grab your heart and not let go!

All I can say is that I'm honored to make it a part of the Simple Truths "family" of inspirational gift books.

I'd like to share VJ Smith's brief introduction to one of my all time favorite books The Richest Man in Town.

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The Richest Man in Town

by V.J. Smith

I'm So Glad I Found You!

The Richest-Man-in-Town is a fine Inspirational-Book!

My friend, Aaron "Marty" Martinson, wrote those words in a note to me. On the pages that follow, you will discover that he didn't find me. I found him.

And, thanks to Marty, I remembered a few things about life that I hadn't really thought about for a long time.

For years I had grand visions of writing a book about a leader who changed the course of history.

I filled my personal library with biographies of presidents and statesmen. I wanted to understand what made their lives great - and what might be missing from mine.

In looking for answers I turned to books written by people who are successful in business and industry.

For a while I searched for excellence, then I compared my habits to those of highly effective people.

Like millions of people, I thought success equaled happiness.

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Simple truths The Richest-Man-in-Town Cover

The Richest-Man-in-Town

The book I've written, though, is about a simple man who ran a cash register. He worked hard and was good to people.

That, in turn, made him happy.

Can it be so simple? So free of complications? Marty thought so.

He showed me how to be a better person, not one wealthier or more successful or more powerful.

He changed my life - forever.

For more information, to look inside this great book or to view the 3 minute inspirational movie, just click on the Image below.

It also makes a wonderful gift for any occasion!

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Richest-Man-in-Town Cover

From The Richest-Man-in-Town to the Home Page

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