Vince Lombardi-Coaching-Philosophy

Plus the "What it Takes to be Number One" Speech

What it Takes to be Number One

What It Takes to Be Number One ................From Anonymous of Portland, Oregon on 2/20/2012............... Great leadership principles from the life of Vince Lombardi............ They are applicable to all leaders, not just football coaching. Well worth the investment.

The Lombardi-Coaching-Philosophy transcends football!

Promote team work, integrity, and mental toughness to produce winning results in your personal and business life.

Inspired by Lombardi's famous speech – "What it Takes to be #1".

Includes a never before released CD of lombardi's speech – a must for any Lombardi fan to have in their collection.

Use this movie to open up your next sales meeting, leadership retreat, team meeting and get revved up to win!

Filled with vintage photographs, inspiring quotes and nine chapters that the Lombardi-Coaching-Philosophy into your organization or personal life.

"Winning is not a some time thing; it's an all the time thing.

You don't win once in a while; you don't do things right once in a while; you do them right all the time.

Winning is a habit, so is losing…" – Excerpt from Vince Lombardi's speech, "What it takes to be #1"

His powerful words capture the fundamentals of success in any sport, business and life.

Now hear Lombardi's famous speech and enjoy the book brought to life in a short DVD movie.

Lombardi! Perhaps no single word in the English language communicates such strong visions of excellence, discipline, commitment, and of course winning.

The Lombardi-Coaching-Philosophy transcends football.

His powerful words capture the fundamentals of success — in any sport, any business, any life and any age.

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What It Takes to Be Number 1............... From Peggy of Owenaboro, Kentucky on 2/15/2012............... This was all I expected and more............ The life message for young men is so needed............... I am sending it to Owensboro Treatment Center where boys are being helped to turn their lives around.

What it Take to be Number One Front Page

A Winner! From Anonymous of Birmingham, Alabama on 2/14/2012............... Outstanding Motivational Book And DVD. Not Just For Sports Teams, But All Teams And Leaders.


This Fantastic Gift Book will bring Lombardi's philosophy to life, like never before.

Vintage photographs (some seen for the first time), great quotes, and nine Inspirational chapters by Lombardi's son, Vince Lombardi, Jr. that tie back to his father's speech (Commitment, Discipline, Excellence, Mental Toughness, Habit, Faith, Passion, Results, and Truths).

Lastly, the book will include a never before released CD of Lombardi's famous speech and a DVD.

This Great Motivational Book is one of those books that will be treasured for years to come!

"A double shot of Motivation! The book is fantastic, and the CD with Lombardi's famous speech gave me goosebumps!"

— Dave Kane, President, Associates Design & Marketing.

We invite you to preview this book or View the Short DVD Movie or preview the audio CD. All are included with this book purchase.

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'What it takes to be number one'

From Mary Richmond of Las Vegas, Nevada on 2/14/2012.

A great book for men! As well as women but since most men know who the coach is but maybe not the man inside, this is both interesting, encouraging and motivating to get your life on track! Highly recommend this book for others!


'What It Takes To Be Number One'

From Anonymous of Cave Creek, Arizona on 12/16/2011.

Absolutely loved this book and truly enjoyed the Speech on DVD. The sounds of the spectators in the background make you feel like you're actually there!! Great insight for anyone looking for Inspiration and real sense of accomplishment! _________________________________________________________________

'What It Takes To Be Number One'

From Blake Mullis of Augusta , Georgia on 12/13/2011.

Excellent thoughts from Vince Lombardi on key concepts and thoughts on winning and losing with important words to help with the winning part. Blake


'What it Takes to Be Number One' with Audio CD and free DVD

From Anonymous of Baroda, Michigan on 11/20/2011.

Bought this Book with DVD for a gift. Like the idea of giving these books for gifts.


What it Takes

From Dave Schlatter of Stevens Point, Wisconsin on 11/10/2011.

Great book! I’ve been a Lombardi fan all my adult life and this book truly captures why he was great. excellent


From Anonymous of finleyville, Pennsylvania on 10/25/2011.

highly recommended!


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