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Raj Kosaraju Chicago, Illinois If I get a chance I would pick up the poem written by Joanna Fuchs for my Father.

Dad, if all the fathers. Had lined up one by one, And God told me to pick, I'd still choose to be your son.

I'm proud to have a father Who listens and understands, Who teaches me and sets fair rules. Without unfair demands.

Dad you are my hero, My role model in all you do. So Dad, if I could pick again, You know I'd still pick you!


Patty Baquilala • University of Santo Thomas, Phils

as I also open some of our old albums. Kids only know time spent with them is like a time of eternity, is spent a valuable or precious moment being with them.

Dharmasiri Alahakoon

How often and how much I wish that I can turn the clock back and spend more time with my children, they grew up so fast.

And then somebody had to do the needful to have the finances to put them where they are now.

And for my father, maybe he could not give me much time, but still I will never have anybody else but him.

Thanks to Raj Kosaraju for posting that beautiful poem.

Raj Kosaraju • Chicago, Illinois Thank you Brother Dharmasiri. I reciprocate your feelings.

I lost him about 23 years ago but the memories still keeps me reminding about the love, warmth and compassion I shared with him will never have anybody else but him. Blessings! Andrew Gauthier • Business Owner/Operator at The Vault Coffee & Connections

I know the dark bus ride home, with my son nestled up against me worn from the day's excitement, along with his soft chuckles as we watched 3 stooges clips on my droid, let’s just say it was one of MY best days ever!


Sherry Land Bowman • Indiana University Kokomo, and Baptist College of America Oh Andrew. My sentiments exactly (concerning this movie). Thank you for sharing. Sarah Menges Imbierowicz I'm sure it will be a treasured memory (one of many I'm sure). Geri Brewster • Indiana University Kokomo RN degree 1985 wonderful. TIME....what a gift!

Shirley Ware Presley • Griffin Technical College

I remember sitting at the table with my Dad on Father’s Day one year while he ate breakfast.

We were talking and I said "HAPPY FATHERS DAY, DAD.

He looked up and paused for a second and as I looked into his eyes he said, "EVERY DAY I SPEND WITH YOU IS A HAPPY FATHERS DAY.'

It's moments like these that memories are made of.

This clip just choked me up! Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there, and make some memories of your own!

Jo Miano Gaddes • St Hilda's School

Beautiful video! Reminds you of how fast they grow up and I don't want to miss it.

Stephanie A Bigelow Statzer

I think this was one of the most heartfelt videos I have seen in a long time. It will sure make you stop and think.

I loved it! I thank Virginia College for sharing these little movies with the class each week.

Rob Prichard • Full time student at GOING TO COLLEGE FULL TIME IS A FULL TIME JOB

Another inspirational story thanks.

Vanessa Tatlow School of Hard Knocks.

This made me think back to when my kids were younger, (I was a teen mom) I sometimes felt that it was a burden to carry 2 kids to the park, when I could be doing something "I" wanted to do.

Today.. I wish... I could see them....

Patti Bernier • Kennett, Missouri Makes me think back also.

When my girls wanted me to play with them and I was too busy cooking, cleaning and all the other duties a Mom has to do.

Like my Mom always told me later that no matter how much time you give your kids, when they are grown, you don't feel like you gave enough.

But I totally loved them and tried to do my best! Vanessa Tatlow School of Hard Knocks

I always knew you were a good mommy, I could look at your daughters & tell. They were always well groomed & beautiful, & had respect for everyone.

Made me cry! Tony Corrales • Works at Know the feeling... I lost count how many times it made me cry...


Lemonade Drink • Holy Name University

I was touched with this video...

I'm far from my dad and my kids as working overseas in order to support my kids back home...:( Happy Father's Day papa!

I love you forever...♥♥♥.

Trudy Amery • Charlotte, North Carolina

We remember our Dad's with love and respect for all that they gave us. Love lives Forever and Everywhere! Nightingale

Cornelia Bird • Atlanta, Georgia

Made me so thankful for my memories of my Daddy. He spent so much time with each of us.

It really got me thinking..

To all the busy mummies and daddies......this one sure going to pause you for some time...

Bob Hobbs • Laurel, Mississippi

Incredible! Happy Father's Day Weekend to all those Father's!

For Mommies and Daddies - doesn't matter how old your child or your grandchild MUST watch this.

Loved it! Glad I watched..

Children’s eyes like stars in heaven - far away to see but deep in my heart to feel....


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