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Inspiration can be summed up in one word Zig.

I'm talking about Zig Ziglar of course

Over the last 50 years, this world-class motivational author, speaker and businessman has inspired millions to redefine success andtake hold of their Dreams.

That's why we're excited that Zig has shared his latest book, "Create a Life You Can't Wait to Live" with Simple Truths' readers.

His insights will help you ignite the Passion-Performance-Purpose you've longed for.

We would like to share the introduction from "Create a Life You Can't Wait to Live."

An excerpt from "Create a Life You Can't Wait to Live"
by Zig Ziglar


You are about to experience the life you can't wait to live.

One filled with Passion-Performance-Purpose.

I don't care what the field of endeavor is sports, business, science, medicine, education, ministry, public service.

I don't believe that anyone will perform at his or her peak without Passion.

Life's too tough to get to the top without Passion.

You're going to fail, be taken advantage of, be disapointed by people you trust.

Disappoint yourself, run out of resources.

Almost every day you're going to encounter a good, solid, logical reason why you ought to give up.

And without Passion, you just might.

That's why Passion is the prerequisite for peak Performance.

Peak Performance is dependent on Passion, grit, determination, and a willingness to do something poorly until you can do it well.

True peak Performance is influenced by the condition of your physical, spiritual, business and family life.

The third part of the equation Purpose is something I have come to believe is a key to the whole dynamic of Motivation.

I've met people all through my life who had Passion of a sort.

But because their Passion wasn't fueled by Purpose, it would come and go in bits and pieces.

They were trying to generate their Passion out of their own energy day after day, something that's ultimately unsustainable.

Scientists have yet to invent the world's first perpetual-motion machine.

Everything runs down or runs out of gas eventually, including human beings trying to maximize their peak Performance day after day.

I believe this book can help Motivate you to connect the dots in life, little by little.

The end result will be a picture of beauty, purpose and fulfillment.

A life you can't wait to live.

Don't miss this opportunity to learn from the master of Motivation.

The real-life stories and practical advice Zig gives in "Create a Life You Can't Wait to Live" will teach you how to accomplish more than you ever dreamed possible and how to embrace the quality of life you were meant to have.

Whatever your passion is, use this book to refuel and refocus your attention on your dream.

Remember: it's your job to fuel your passion, and inspiration is the fuel you need.

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