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Make Yourself Significant

Personal-Development-Books will put you out in front of your competition.

Make Yourself Significant, move to the head of the class so to speak.

This entire group of self-help-books are great gift-books.

Do you know a family member, friend, or co-worker that could use a boost? Give them a gift that will be give them incentive.

“Seven Choices for Success and Significance” lays out a game plan for living a life of both Success and Significance.

Author, Nido Qubein’s passion is contagious and anyone wanting to reach their full potential in life needs to read this book.

The Strangest Secret

A Motivational Classic

The Strangest Secret

“By far one of the best books I’ve ever read.

It is both Inspirational and Motivational.

It drives individuals to truly see themselves in a different light and creates a cognition of thought and behavior.

I recommend this to everyone I meet who is seeking a betterment in life.”………Daniel Romero

Watch The Strangest Secret Free DVD that comes with the Purchase of the book.

All of these Personal-Development-Books are Inspiring and Highly recommended!

If Life Is A Game...These Are The Rules.
If Life Is A Game...These Are The Rules.

If Life is a Game...These are the Rules with free DVD

Learn the "Life Rules" to the game we call life! Think of this little book as your template to living a happy life.

These Personal-Development-Books are Truly Life Changing!

Excellently Written

From Brigitte-North Carolina of McLeansville, North Carolina on 2/14/2012.

This book seems to speak to my very soul!

It is written in a manner which you can relate to everything that a person has experienced in their own lives and how to make changes in order to be successful for the future!

Catchy Title

From Mike of Jacksonville, Florida on 2/13/2012.

I sent it to my 13 year old granddaughter.

That is a tough time of life when we are trying to find our identity.

I thought that it is a catchy way to present simple rules that we can follow in our journey through life.

The Power of Discipline movie

Best ever read

From Anonymous of Brady, Texas on 3/24/2012.

I ordered 1 for my kids and grand son--best book on this subject I have ever read.

I knew and practiced most of the principals but some I haven't and that is one of the reasons all my goals have not been accomplished yet.

I will work these principals more diligently now.

Recommend for all

From Anonymous of Portland, Oregon on 2/27/2012.

I found that this book was easy to read with valuable incites for me.

It made me regroup my thinking and plan for my future.

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Every American should own this book!