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The Power-of-Attitude

The Power-of-Attitude

The Power-of-Attitude

For all of us, there are turning points in our lives.

One of mine was the first time I heard The Strangest Secret in 1964.

I was a freshman in college. It was then, and still is, the most powerful and thought-provoking message I've ever heard.

The Strangest Secret was a recording by Earl Nightingale, and in a nut shell, the secret was..."You become what you think about.

Negative thoughts reap negative results.

If you think positive thoughts, you will get positive results."

Not exactly rocket science, but this 15-minute recording on the Power of Goals and Attitude changed my life forever.

Therefore, a few years ago, when given the opportunity to write a book, I chose the topic that I knew best, and simply called it...The Power of Attitude.

Having been the founder of Successories (started in 1988), I understood the power of beautiful photographs when combined with Inspirational Quotes.

Therefore, I wanted the book to have photos and quotes, but also wanted to share personal stories to reinforce what has worked for me in maintaining a positive approach to life.

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