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The Power-Of-Teamwork

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“The Power-of-Teamwork”

We have been very fortunate in our journey as an entrepreneur to have met many speakers, authors and CEOs along the way.

Much of their wisdom and advice has helped make us who we are today.

However, one of the most fascinating people that we’ve had the privilege of meeting was none of the above.

A few years ago a friend arranged for us to have lunch with Scott Beare, who for 4 years had been a pilot for the Navy's world renowned Blue Angels.

It was a lunch that we'll never forget.

We was mesmerized by His "Blue Angels stories," his pride, and his passion for life.

At the end of our lunch we said, "Scott, what you have described to me is the ULTIMATE TEAM.

Let's do a book together to share these powerful principles of teamwork with the rest of the world."

He loved the idea!

The Power-of-Teamwork

The "lunch idea" has now become a reality with our gift book titled:

“The Power-of-Teamwork”...Inspired by the Blue Angels.

Scott Beare explains the importance of Teamwork in a way that's never been done before.

His real-life accounts of what it's like to be a Blue Angel really make you understand the importance of Teamwork.

His stories and life lessons are paired with Great Photographs that truly reinforce the 9 key principles of teamwork by the Blue Angels.

But more importantly, each principle ties back to what it means for you and your team.

The Power of Teamwork is a great resource that should be read by everyone on your team.

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For more information, to look inside this great book or to watch the Inspiring movie, just click here:

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They'll thank you for it!

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