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Teamwork and team building are words used throughout all types and all levels of organizations.

Commitment to the principles to grow teamwork, by each teammember, is the key to high performance teams in business, Sports and life.

The Simple Truths title and movie, Pulling-Together by author John Murphy present the ten rules for high performance teams in a way that every person on a Sports Team or in an organization can understand and implement.

Provided below, is sample content to Inspire your team today as well as 3 key questions from the book to get team building started!

Teamwork Questions

Do team members know what is expected of them?

How can each team member contribute most effectively?

What constants hold the team together?


Sample Content

Consistent application of the 10 rules of high performance teamwork ultimately generates trust, respect, unity and power within any team.

Enjoy this Short Movie that reinforces teamwork through Lessons from Geese.

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Comments From Our Customers

"Pulling Together"

‘highly recommend’

From Anonymous of Northbrook, Illinois on 4/22/2012.

This is an excellent book - we bought one for each team member as required reading, then held training. Everyone felt it was very valuable to enhance our Attitude about team work and about team bonding.



From Brenda of New Orleans, Louisiana on 4/5/2012.

We used Pulling-Together to help our team focus and pull together and increase teamwork. It has been fantastic!



From Richard of Memphis, Tennessee on 3/26/2012.

Awesome message, content and footage. My favorite video on teamwork!


From Norma of Eugene, Oregon on 2/15/2012.

Am impressed...will share with many on my team..have a lot of pages marked.


From Robert Quintero of San Dimas, California on 1/12/2012.

Extremely motivating and uplifting for a any organization. Exceptional for a non-profit board of directors...


From Jeanne A. Englehart, CEO of Grand Rapids, Michigan on 11/10/2011.

"In the ten years since I started my business, I have read many business books. Without a doubt, 'Pulling-Together' is one of the best.”


From Mark Tabit of Los Angeles, California on 11/10/2011.

“Pulling-Together” is awesome. It is a manager's dream. Being a manager, the first key to success is teamwork. This book is a common sense and fun way of building, maintaining, developing and accomplishing success through teamwork.


From Ted Gedra of Rockford, Michigan on 11/10/2011.

"... Finally, a concept that realistically addresses the communication and motivational problems in everyday business. ‘Pulling-Together’ is a definite must for today's manager."


From Russell T. DeVreugd of Durham, North Carolina on 11/10/2011.

Whether a team leader or a team member, John's rules for high performance teamwork are positive and powerful mantras for successful team strategy. I have used and shared John's books for years and consider him a great thinker and inspiration."


From R.M. Armstrong of New York, New York on 11/10/2011.

"Pulling-Together" is a highly entertaining, educational, inspirational book on teamwork that takes the reader beyond the simple cliché. He offers specific, pragmatic, easy to follow steps in order to create successful teams. Whether you are a professional in a high powered corporation, a member of an athletic team, or the leader of a civic committee, I strongly recommend "Pulling-Together".


From Anonymous of Waycross, Georgia on 10/16/2011.

As a teacher, I have shown the DVD to my students! This is an awesome book and DVD...I would highly recommend to anyone.


From Mark Warren of Austin, Texas on 9/16/2011.

For as much interest as teamwork and team-building generates, this book was particularly timely for me. Of all the stories and examples it contains, the story of the geese rings with so many people I speak to! It's wonderful, true (so they say) and timeless. Thanks.


From Anonymous of san antonio, Texas on 4/12/2011.

great book...i have been using the quotes for my monthly "team building" newsletter


‘10 Rules for Effective Teams’

From Dennis Hall of Grand Junction, Colorado on 4/9/2011.

I manage a financial advisory branch composed of two firms recently merged. I gave all team members a copy of Pulling-Together on our first year anniversary. I still see the book proudly and prominently displayed on many desks. Needless to say, it was money well spent and a fabulous tool for team building.


From sharon durbin of Adamsville, Tennessee on 4/8/2011.

Great for inspiring your Team Members. Looking forward to reading other books from Murphy.


‘Highly Recommended for Teams’

From Anonymous of Valdosta, Georgia on 4/6/2011.

Great motivational resource for building stronger teams in the midst of difficulties within a church or business organization.



From Donna Brooks of Paris, Texas on 4/5/2011.

Right on target!



From Kelly Springsteed of Midvale, Utah on 4/5/2011.

Great help in coaching teamwork and unity.


From Marden Gardner of Huntingtown, Maryland on 4/5/2011.

Excellent Book. I have given it as a gift to a rowing crew member.


‘Great Find!’

From m.stewart of South Wayne, Wisconsin on 4/5/2011.

Great book for first time managers or for leaders who need to pull a team who is drifting apart, back in! DVD is excellent.


‘Great Rules and Tips’

From CBechtold of Sacramento, California on 4/5/2011.

"Pulling Together" is a great mini-book and an easy, fast read. The "10 Rules for High Performance Teamwork" are simple, yet So Important! This book should be given to each team member at Every level of your organizations. It's not only about leading a team, but also BEING a part of a team. Great Book!


Totally recommend this book

From Cynthia Green of Portland, Oregon on 4/5/2011.

Pulling Together is the go-to guide book if your team is struggling with becoming teammates or need a boost.

It opened my eyes to behaviors that I can see not only in myself, but others around me.

Such a positive and thought provoking tome. I would recommend this book to not only working folks, but also to family members who are challenged in being a teammate to their loved ones.


‘Highly Recommended’

From Anonymous of Salina, Kansas on 3/8/2011.

This book is exactly what our department is needing. And we can't wait to see the results.


Great book

From Angel Lee of Chicago, Illinois on 2/25/2011.

This is a refreshing look at how teams can work together and accomplish great things. I wish every company and organization would put these principles into practice!


Great for Schools

From Anonymous of Spokane , Washington on 2/23/2011.

I am a 6th grade team leader and our principle gave each team leader this book to drive home the importance of working together as a team to make our schools better. I highly recommend it!



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