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A Book of 25 steps to Success

The Best of Success Movie

The-Best-of-Success book will help you answer the question, “What is the definition of Success?”


Are there traits that successful people tend to share?

The definition of success has been studied throughout the ages, but in “The Best-of-Success”, authors Mac Anderson and Bob Kelly share 25 common building blocks of success that can be a source of Inspiration on your own journey.

Through 25 stories, 350 quotes and award - winning photographs, you’ll learn from others who have been successful in their own lives.

From learning more about such traits as believing in yourself to listening and learning, making every minute count and never letting failure stop you, “The-Best-of-Success” will change your thinking, helping you form new habits to shape your future as you achieve your own definition of success.

We provide customers with Inspirational and Motivational Gift Books and Movies.

Our books and movies are comprised of short Inspirational stories and Motivational quotes that are certain to make a positive lasting impression.

Our gift books and movies are great for friends & family, co-workers, teachers, students, corporations and businesses.

By studying those people that have been Successful we have come up the 25 building blocks of Success.

Ones that can be a source of Inspiration and Motivation on your own journey.

The Best of Success, is an inspirational coffee table book that you will treasure.

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What Our Customers Are Saying

‘The Best of Success Movie’

From Stevan Pope of Scottsdale,, Arizona on 5/26/2012.

The Book and its contents are Incredible! Thank you.

Highly recommend

From Anonymous of Birmingham, Alabama on 5/25/2012.

Great book with heart warming and powerful examples that will Motivate anyone.

How committed are you to making your life Dreams come true?

Below is an excerpt from The-Best-of-Success

"You're living in a dream world" is typically meant as criticism.

It suggests the recipient is out of touch with reality, or incompetent.

But let's take another look at that statement.

First of all, dreams have Motivated countless millions to begin the journey along the highway to success.

As the following story shows, a dream world can be a good place to live - as long as we don't become permanent residents.

In June 1940, a 4.5 pound baby girl was born to a poor family in rural and segregated Tennessee.

At age 4, she developed lameness in her left foot and leg, and was diagnosed with polio, which was then incurable.

It seemed she was destined to spend her life in leg braces.

The only nearby hospital was for whites only so, twice a week, her mother drove her 50 miles for treatment.

Those long road trips gave the child time to dream, as she visualized what her life could be like without braces.

Wilma Rudolph had no intention of staying in her dream world.

By age 12, with constant exercise, she had shed her braces.

She could walk on her own - and she could run! Oh, how she could run!

She earned a track scholarship to college and, in 1960, at the Summer Olympic Games in Rome, she became the first American woman ever to win three gold medals in Olympic competition.

She was determined to Finish Strong

After returning from Rome, and until her death from cancer in 1994, she enjoyed a distinguished career as a Teacher, coach, broadcaster, and founder of the Wilma Rudolph Foundation.

No longer living in her dream world, she was quick to acknowledge the value of the time she spent there.

"Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit," she said. "The potential for greatness lies within each of us."

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The-Best-of-Success is on of our best books

The Best of Success with Free DVD movie features 25 stories, 350 quotes and award-winning photographs. Without question, it's one of the most beautiful books we've ever published.

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Don't wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain

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Go the extra degree.

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May You Be Blessed

May you be blessed

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A Gift That Will Be Used Forever

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This book is a great reminder that we own our attitude....we create it....and we can change it.

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Look beyond average

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