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Women's Inspirational Sampler Set

Walk-The-Talk is loaded with nuggets of wisdom for any person, or any organization, to help make sure that your values are consistent with your Dreams.

If we do not live by Respect, Trust, Integrity, and Commitment, they are just words.

This powerful book has life changing lessons that Business People, , Coaches and Educators will benefit from.

This excellent book will help you develop leadership so you can promote a culture of integrity in your business or organization.

That's what The Heart of A Teacher is all about.

Walk the Talk, Watch a Short Movie, Click Here

From family and faith, to sports and politics, to our jobs and our communities we all need to learn to "Walk-the-Talk".

This beautifully written gift book reminds us all that having values is very important, but it's much more important to live them.

"Walking the Talk" is always one of our greatest challenges.

This enlightening book, by best selling authors, Steve Ventura and Eric Harvey, is filled with Inspirational and Life Changing insights.

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Walk-the-Talk book cover

The book is organized around 5 principles:

1.Words to live by are just words unless you actually live by them.

2.You are what you do.

3.Everything you do counts.

4.The "Golden Rule" is still pure gold.

5.Character is the key.

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Walk-the-Talk is loaded with nuggets of wisdom for any person, or any organization, to help make sure that your values are consistent with your dreams.

Having values is important, but it is even more important, to live the values, from family and faith, to sports and politics, to our jobs and our communities we all need to learn to "Walk the Talk".

This book is both an Inspirational Book and a Motivational Book.

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Walk the Talk

Walk-the-Talk Book Cover

Format: Hardcover gift book

112 pages, 6.75" square

By Eric Harvey & Steve Ventura

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Ways to Use Our Gift Books

Great for the office, the classroom and for anyone in need of some encouragement.

Framed Inspiration packaging. We make gift giving easy - your gift is already wrapped in a beautiful glossy gift box with a gold cord.

Our goal is to become your source for affordable and meaningful gifts.

Therefore, in addition to our beautiful gift books and DVD's, we wanted to create a product where you will find something personal for anyone on your gift-giving list.

Enter framed Inspiration...the combination of beautiful photographs and Inspirational words is a gift that keeps on giving.

In short, pick a message that fits the occasion, and we think you will find something for almost anyone on your list.

Click on the links to see a short movie of my suggestions. You can order through the links as well!

Most of our Gift Books come with a FREE DVD. That's right, we'll give you the DVD for buying the Book.

1. Personal Inspiration

2. Birthday Gift For Friends, Family Or Co-Workers

3. A Thank You Gift

4. Provide Encouragement for Friends or Family Members

5. A Mothers Day or Fathers Day Gift

6. A Graduation Gift

7. A Holiday Gift that Keeps on Giving

1. Reinforce Your Meeting Theme with a Motivational ‘Take-Away’

2. Thank Your Best Customer

3. Reinforce Your Corporate Culture

4. Employee Birthday

5. Motivate Your Sales Team

6. Send to Your Best Prospects

7. Invest in Your Team’s Personal Development

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Our Gift Books are, "Life Changing."

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Be sure to share these Uplifting, Inspirational & Motivational Gift Books with your Family, Friends & Co-Workers! They'll thank you for sharing.

You will be helping them reach their full Potential!

Click on the book covers below to watch a short video about the book. By the way, the DVD comes with the book, FREE of charge!

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A Gift That Will Be Used Forever

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This book is a great reminder that we own our attitude....we create it....and we can change it.

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Look beyond average

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