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Gift Books Written by Women for Women

4 Inspirational-Gift-Books Written by Women for Women

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Oh! Thank Goodness It's Not Just Me Life Begins When You Do
The Family We Choose For Ourselves
Women Taking Care Of Themselves

Customer Service Sampler Set

Customer Service Is An Attitude


Books Included*:

The 100/0 Principle*

Customer Love*


The Simple truths of Service*

Customer Service is an Attitude!

Reinforce your service culture with these four top sellers!

Each one has an unforgettable message and gives an instant crash course on Customer Service! Great Motivational-Books

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Each Book Comes With a DVD Click The Links Above To Watch The DVD's

Leadership Sampler Set

Leadership lessons that should be in every managers' library


Books Included*:

You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School*

Leading with Passion

The Essence of Leadership*

The Right to Lead

Leadership lessons that should be in every manager's library.

Each book has an unforgettable message and makes a great meeting takeaway!...$39.95 (a $64.00 value)

Short description of each book included:

You Can't Send a Duck to Eagle School by Mac Anderson -

If you're going to climb a tree, would you rather hire a squirrel or train a horse?

That's the premise for this clever and Insightful book.

In it author Mac Anderson shares his lessons learned in 30 plus years as an entrepreneur.

Includes a short DVD. Click here to watch the DVD movie.

Leading with Passion, by John J. Murphy -

John J. Murphy, author of our best-selling book on teamwork, Pulling Together, follows up his best-seller with a leadership book like no other.

Leading with Passion, 10 Rules For Inspiring Others will help you perform better as a leader, Inspiring your team to share your vision and follow your lead to Ultimate Success.

Be sure to look at our Inspirational Jewelry

The Essence of Leadership by Mac Anderson - Learn the importance of humor, good habits, leading with values, hiring great people and much more.

The keys to successful leadership are presented in an unforgettable way.

View the DVD movie

The Right to Lead by John C. Maxwell- John Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership expert and author, who has sold over 13 million books.

He speaks to many Fortune 500 companies and his organizations have also trained over 2 million leaders world-wide.

In The The Right to Lead, you will read about people who have earned the right to lead others.

They became effective leaders not by making other people follow, but by making themselves the kind of person people would want to follow.

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Motivational Sampler Set

Get ready for high performance with this powerful set of motivational books

Books That Are Included

Finish Strong*

Secrets of the World Class*

212 the Extra Degree*

Get ready for high performance with this powerhouse set of motivation.

Whatever your goal in business and life, let these books motivate you to new heights...$29.95 (a $48.00 value)

These are both mens and Womens-Inspirational-Books

Follow Me on Pinterest At 211 degrees water is hot at 212 it boils Finish Strong to be a Winner Turning Mediocrity into GREATNESS

Attitude Is Everything Sampler Set

Attitudes are Contagious, is your worth catching?

Both Men and Women-Inspirational-Books

Books Included*:

Attitude is Everything Movie*

The Strangest Secret*

The Power of Attitude*


Attitude is Everything Sampler Set

By Various Authors

DVD Movies Included

Attitudes are contagious. Is yours worth catching?

How about your co-workers?

Instill a culture of positive thinking with these three wonderful books that will have your team working more harmoniously, getting more done and achieving Goals.

It's advantageous to possess a sunny outlook.

Doors open to optimists. They make Friends, earn respect, close sales, produce loyal clients, and others enjoy and want to be like them.

The question is how can we do that consistently?

That's what these 3 books are all about.

Click on any book cover below to view the interactive book preview: 10 Rules For Staying Positive The Strangest Secret 10 Rules For Staying Positive

Teamwork Sampler Set

Every manager or business owner's dream is to have his team working together


Every manager or business owner's dream is to have their team working together to achieving their goals.

This set delivers a wealth of knowledge for fostering peak performance through Teamwork.

Each member of your team should read this collection.

Books Included*:

Pulling Together*

The Power of Teamwork*

The 100/0 Principle Movie*


Teamwork Sampler Set

By Various Authors

*DVD Movies Included

Three motivational gift books designed to reinforce the value of teamwork in your organization.

Each book has an unforgettable message and makes a great meeting take-away!...$39.95 (a $48.00 value)

Click on the covers below to get more information!

Follow Me on Pinterest Every manager or business owner's dream is to have their team working together The Power of Teamwork Inspired by the Blue Angels The Secret To Great Relationships

Teacher's Sampler Set

What are your best books for educators?

What Are Your Best Books For Educators?

Men and Womens-Inspirational-Books

School districts are always asking, "What are your best books for educators?"

This is it!

We have bundled together our top 4 books for educators and administrators to deliver extra saving on our best titles for schools.

The 4 books included:

The Heart of A Teacher Movie*

Attitude is Everything Movie*

212 the extra degree movie*

Pulling Together Movie*

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One extra degree makes a BIG difference 10 Rules for Staying Positive Our Best Books For Educators 10 Rules For High Performance Teamwork

Womens-Inspirational-Books to Our Home Page

That Extra Effort (DEGREE) Makes All the Difference

Show that Special Teacher your Appreciation

Something Very Special For You To Think About.

10 Rules For High Performance Teamwork

Start a Home Library That Will be Used Forever!

Give Your Athlete the Edge to Stay Ahead of the Pack

Our Gift Books are, "Life Changing."

Visit our Web Store to see what titles we have ON SALE today!

Be sure to share these Uplifting, Inspirational & Motivational Gift Books with your Family, Friends & Co-Workers! They'll thank you for sharing.

You will be helping them reach their full Potential!

Click on the book covers below to watch a short video about the book. By the way, the DVD comes with the book, FREE of charge!

Learning to Dance In The Rain Movie

Don't wait for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain

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212 The Extra Degree

Go the extra degree.

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May You Be Blessed

May you be blessed

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A Gift That Will Be Used Forever

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This book is a great reminder that we own our attitude....we create it....and we can change it.

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Look beyond average

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